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When Pokemon Go came out I, like many other people joined in on the hype; unlike many people I kept playing after the hype died down. I loved it, as a game it is basic, but it was more of experience for me. On that first day when I got to visit my first gym and got to pick a team, I picked Instinct.

I did not know what team my friends or family choose, but I made my choice. I wish I could say I had a good reason why I choose it, but I just though Sparks silhouette looked coolest, I guess I just went with my first instinct. See what I did there? 

Now here eight months after the launch of Pokemon Go I prouder than ever of my team, at least here in south east Idaho. That is why I wanted to create a shirt with Zapdos as my graphic. I started with his signature, his shape with the sharp points in a bright yellow. 

With its bright yellow wings I needed a way to show the separation between its head, wings and body. I did that with black outlines and shapes. I also added my second color, another shade of yellow. 

I moved into my focal point the face, I worked on adding the eyes and beak and that brought in my two other colors, white and an orange. This is also where I decided that my shirt was to be black to be the color to separate the parts of the body and facial features.

I went on to add legs, feet and claws (I am not sure what they are really called, but that is how I looked at them). At this point I got feedback and decided that all the beak was a bit to long and the legs/feet were so large they were becoming the focal point. 

I reduced the size of them and then came the hard part. Getting it ready to print. I had to remove my black background I was using as reference and take out all the parts of the design where I had used black. When that was finished I was anxious to get it printed and start representing my team.



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