Final Icon Project: Thinking About Home | Vector Paths

I began this Project with this idea in my mind. I have been drawing this clunky robot character for years now, just as an interesting addition to my sketches. I originally had this idea when studying what drawings I have of it. 

This is a doodle of the robot guy’s head with a kingdom inside of it. I wanted to fill heads with unique ideas, and the theme I came up with was home. Each of these bots are thinking of home, and some are much more odd than others.

I began with doing some new sketches.

My goal with these was to try to understand the style. As predicted, this was one of the more difficult tasks. I simply could not sketch like I do in Illustrator. I invested in a Wacom tablet to further try to blend in my sketching style with the computer limitations. My first draft of six was a test of my style(s).

Surprisingly, one of the biggest issues was I did too much. If you look closely, the Detroit Guy (4) has too much going on with the windows, too many small cracks and lines. The wall is also wonky and curved wrong. The construction guy (5) is cluttered with hazard cones and the crane has lots of small lines and contours. The Pond Guy (6) has complicated grass strokes and too much reflection in the water. I even hid fish in there if you look closely. That was the problem I faced was I love the little things and its hard to simplify. Simplification for me required me to be abstract. One reason why Tree Guy (3) worked out was because I created trees that was a single color tree, but I changed the colors to show distance, and I created the outlines to be chaotic to show the rigid nature of trees. My challenge was to assimilate good design with my style. There were neutral parts like the grass in Flower Guy (2) where I could simplify the grass, but in the final product I kept the grass because I liked the distortion more than the simple balance with a silhouette of a clump of grass.

I had a bit of a “hallelujah!” moment when working on Volcano Guy (8). I had a lot of fun drawing the mountain. I draw with pens so having the shading done by doing the scratches and scoring, as well as having incomplete outlines of shadow, was very natural to me. Still, I was not able to keep consistent with this style of shading because not every robot lives on a mountain or volcano (obviously).

I went with a risk when working on Miss Guy (10). She does not like the jagged and rough mountain, so I decided to make her gazebo clean and simple. It is a lot more 3D and realistic than most other bots.

Throughout the final 6 of these bots I flopped between one style or another, but keeping the bot itself consistent. I am happy with my final products. Each bot represent a different piece of me and what I see. The idea behind the bot is that it is no specific character, but a vessel for what you are. It is a representation of the author. I sometimes refer to them as “rusty shells” because they are a shell that is merely inhabited by you. Here are the final products again, and thank you for letting me share this with you!