For this project, I was presented with minimal boundaries within a specific set of rules. I chose a genre of music and made up a fictitious band name. I designed the poster to help the viewer to see what it would feel like to listen to that band playing in the chosen genre. The poster was to be an advertisement for a musical event that would feature the band. The first thing I did was write down a few words that expressed what the music and the band would represent. Some of the words that I came up with were: peace, calm, Christian, light, uplifting, hopeful, inspiring, stories, emotional and motivational. 

With some words in mind, I started sketching what I thought would represent those things.

After I had sketched several different ideas and a few alterations I got some feedback to see which of the ideas communicated the ideas the best. I decided to go with a Christian contemporary band and I decided that liked the eye idea best, so I played around with a few different alterations of that idea. When I had an idea that I was happy with, I started developing the idea in the computer.

After getting the general idea into the computer, I talked to people about what was working and what wasn’t. I also printed off a small version of the poster to see if there was anything that I needed to fix that would only show up when it was printed. With this draft, I found some things that were there, but were not as refined as I wanted them to be like the lines in the iris. The were really sharp and that was something that I changed in my final. I also learned that I couldn’t do a blur or gradient, so I determined that I would use spot color instead to get the effect that I wanted.

I was pretty happy with how the poster turned out in the end. I changed the placement of the text to give a more balanced feel to the poster and to complete the design. I connected a few things to make them make more sense from a realistic point of viesw



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