I think the biggest thing I learned these past couple of weeks is that I am not witty. These past two weeks I’ve been creating a T-shirt design. I noticed when looking at Pinterest that a ton of T-shirt designs were punny or witty or just funny. My original ideas for my design were garbage. I couldn’t think of anything and I eventually started asking people for suggestions. Even then, nothing sounded like a good idea. 

I started sketching my terrible ideas.

I was starting to panic and beginning to consider designing a shirt with a mediocre concept. I was on my computer and I opened up Spotify. The first song I noticed on my playlist was Hungry Heart. I knew immediately that I could put a literal twist on that song’s most famous lyrics. My family are big Bruce Springsteen fans so I knew this would be a good fit! I started brainstorming immediately. 





 I started off my design in Illustrator with a basic heart shape in bright red. I looked at realistic drawings of actual hearts and added different parts that I thought were important to make my heart look like a  human heart. I added a couple of tubes, layering them to give depth and using different shades of pink. 

I realized as I put in my text and added the layers that I needed to figure out my color scheme. So I went online and found a color scheme that I thought would work well for my design. I decided the color of my T-shirt was going to be green and that I would have a pink, purple and yellow color scheme. 











This was the original design. I originally had a weird stroke around my shapes. I noticed it was weird so I decided to remove it. From the feedback I was given from others, I decided to switch to a white T-shirt for simplicity and ease in design. I also fixed the size of the tubes. 

Lots of Revisions

I talked to my husband and asked him what I should change. At first all he said was “make him fatter”. That’s when I knew he had so much more to say. I cornered him and told him I needed honest feedback. Finally he told me what I needed to do: more food, or one big pizza or something, a more ovular shape for my heart, a more hungry expression, and to fix the arms.

I got to work and after a couple of hours I had an improved design. 








The next round of feedback I got was to do something more with the text. I decided to make it part of the bowl itself. Once I did that my design was just missing something. So I decided to add back in all of the food that I’d created and originally taken out. I lined it all up and cut out bite marks and made the ice cream melt. That’s when I had a complete design. 

I sent my design to a T-shirt printer and my work was done. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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