Emperor Penguin | Vector Paths

Created by Renaud Roche

I chose this vector graphic because I love the contrast in the image and the tiny details that add to the complexity of this vector graphic. This is a very strong vector graphic for many reasons. It uses the the design principle alignment in the different strokes that make up its shirt, both the larger strokes and the smaller strokes. It also has dark strokes going up the front of his shirt that are aligned as well. You can see this demonstrated in the image below. 

The proximity of the all the red found in the image, from the beak and the hair, to the eyebrow, adds hierarchy and a focal point, and makes it so that the eye stands out from the rest of the penguin. Since there is such a solid dark black in his eye, it draws your attention in and helps move your eye through the image. The contrast between the lights and dark’s of the penguins fur also adds great depth to the vector image, and grabs your attention. 

Another thing that also adds to this vector graphic is that the penguin has all the texture and the shirt is smooth which makes the image feel as though it is made of different textures. This adds contrast to the image so that it feels as though the parts of the penguin are real. The bright white with the dark black also draws your attention in to the head of the penguin, to the focal point of the eye and hair. 



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