Emotional Food | Vector Paths

For this project I decided to pick a subject that is close to me. Food. I made stickers of my favorite foods and how they make me feel when I eat them. I was able to learn a lot about the detail and creativity in this project.

I started out drawing different ideas that I had and selected the three drawings that I like the most and drew them in more detail. For this project I wanted to trace my drawings to really get the style that I have in my creations. The three drawing that I chose were a donut, pizza, and taco.

Once I got started on tracing and recreating my drawings in was easy to add more detail and real get the character that I wanted. To finish up the project I focused on the expressions of the foods and how to really catch the feeling that I have when I eat the food. I really enjoyed this project and the experience of creating my drawings.



Student at BYU-Idaho
My name is KyLee Ferrera. I am from Boulder Colorado and am studying Communication at Brigham Young University Idaho. I have been designing for about two years and have been working as a communication assistant for the Human Resources Department on campus. I enjoy learning new things and pushing my limits.

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