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Avatar: Where The Elements Become One

The first time I watched Avatar, The Last Airbender I was babysitting for a family with children under the age of 10. I felt really embarrassed that I liked it so much because I thought it was just a children’s show. Now that I’m an adult, I realized that all of my friends who are the same age as me also loved watching Avatar even as a teenager. For my stickers, I decided to base them off of the show, Avatar, The Last Airbender. I created three different stickers all within the theme. I created an illustrative text saying “yip yip” in the shape of Appa, the flying bison. I created another sticker with all of the elements from the show simplified and using the color scheme from each kingdom. For my third sticker I created Aang, the main characters glider that he uses to fly around.


Sketching is by far the hardest process for me when I am trying to be creative because I don’t have enough practice in drawing. However, I love it because it gives me a chance to let all of my ideas flow onto paper where I can organize my thoughts better. I knew from the start that I wanted to do my stickers based on Avatar, but it wasn’t until the sketching process when I knew what exactly I wanted to do. 


During my draft phase I played around with my ideas and began to see them come to life. Now that I am done with my stickers I can easily see how much improvement I needed to make from my draft to my final. The spacing between the letters in my illustrated text were not even, the glider wasn’t dynamic enough to look cool as a sticker, my pinwheel needed more depth and my match looked more like a flower. 



I am really proud of how my final stickers turned out because I spent hours trying to get them to look the way that they do now. I spent the most time on my match because I wanted it to be simple but still look like a dancing flame. The center of the flame is the fire nation symbol from the show, which adds a nice touch to the entire design. I changed the color of the rock slightly so that it would match the coloring of the Earth nation better. 

Thanks for checking out my stickers! To see more of my work check out, janae.harkermedia.com. And if you want to see an even better artist check out my husband, harkermedia.com



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