Drawing people is one of the most tricky things to do, especially when you limit the amount of features to use within the drawing. Upon finding this icon set, I was impressed with the level of detail and also lack thereof that makes these designs stand out. By analyzing what makes this icon set good, I decided to reverse engineer what makes this collection so good. 

Complimentary Color Scheme

The colors of each character are unique and different than the others, if only by slightly different than some for the most part. These colors, however, work well together to feel part of the same set, establishing the unique personalities that each character may have as well. Along with the variety of colors through their clothes and accessories, each character has the exact same skin color as the next.

Consistent Face Shadows

Each and every character has the exact same shadow across their face; straight down the center of their face on the right side (their left side). This helps to sell the direction of light that is being simulated here and creates a sense of 3-dimensional life even through the flat style. 

Respective Shadow Falls

Even though the facial shadows are all equally the same, something that helps sell the realism in the artistic sense is that the shadows cast from the characters chins are different depending on the size of the person (in this case, if they are male or female). The shadow is much larger if cast by a man and much more delicate and small if cast by a woman. 

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