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For this project, I tried to use all of my prior knowledge and experience in Adobe Illustrator to create a gig poster for an imaginary band of my own making. There were several steps to this process and many things were changed, edited and completely taken out in order to come up with a concept that I wanted to take to the final stages of design. 

There was a lot of time that went into the sketching process for this project. In the beginning, I liked the idea of putting a dirty foggy city inside of a mouth. However, as I continued to sketch, I started to think of octopuses and different deep sea animals. I then came up with the idea of creating an octopus. As I continued to sketch, I started to like the idea of just one tentacle instead of the whole animal because I thought it have the design a myserteous feeling. I thought that this would match the rest of the design and the concept for the band. As I sketched, I tried to listen to music that my imaginary band, “the Dwellers” would play. This helped me get a better feeling of where I should take the design. 

As I continued with my design, I thought that it would be interesting to have the tentacle coming out of a faucet. As I continued to design, I thought about having branches coming out of the faucet instead and that is where I left my draft. When I looked at it a few days later, I didn’t like the direction that it was going in. Some of the feedback that I got about this design was that the lighting on the faucet wasn’t totally correct and the faucet seemed to fade into the background. Well, how did I fix that? I decided to go way back to the drawing board! I realized that as I worked on the computer, my design got further and further away from my original design, which can be good sometimes, but in this case I wasn’t satisfied with it and this is reflected in my final project.  

The above picture is the final result for my gig poster! Creating this was an interesting process because I wanted to use styles that I had never used before. I wanted to push myself in a direction that I had never gone before and it was a challenge! I enjoyed the struggle of creating and deleting and starting and then starting over again. It was difficult because all of the design had to come from my own hadn’t and imagination and after a lot of time working on it, I believe that I have satisfied all of the requirements for the project. Like any good gig poster, this project made me dig deep, helped me understand how to depict emotions and feelings through an image. 

Madison Blom

Madison Blom

Sports Information Lead at BYU-Idaho Sports Department
I have been a graphic designer now for 2 years while also attending Brigham Young University-Idaho. I am currently working in the BYU-Idaho Sports Department and the Communication Specialist. I manage their social media platforms as well as oversee all of the graphic design. I love working with the Adobe Suite and always trying to expand my knowledge of the programs! My inspiration comes from Dr. Seuss' quote, "Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!"
Madison Blom

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