Drip, Drip, 2309 | Vector Paths

This was a very exciting project. Gig posters are so expressive and open that I had a great time thinking outside of the box to create something unique and intriguing.

I started with allowing myself to get bored. From there I did a bunch of word association to get my ideas flowing and then finally I started to sketch!  

I began by the idea of our solar system melting into a sink and then the sink draining into something. As you can see my final looks a lot different than my beginning ideas but it all comes together.

After sketching I put together a lines draft to just see where to place things and how my composition was going to look. 

I received critiques and decided to keep the elements but rearrange them to be more visually appealing. From there I began to form the torso with the bandage, then I incorporated the heart and brick background. After those elements where created I did the melting world in place of a head. I added drips onto the shoulders to unify the two parts. The final step was to add text. 

Overall I am pleased with my gig poster. I think that it turned out well. 

Kaley Sullivan

Kaley Sullivan

Student at Brigham Young University Idaho
Kaley is a communication major at Brigham Young University Idaho with an emphasis in visual media. She is from Brigham City Utah and loves to travel. Kaley has a passion for creativity, design and photography.
Kaley Sullivan

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