Rollin’ with the Rolex | Vector Paths

Creating a photorealistic image with only vector graphics seemed like a very daunting and seemingly impossible task. It took every ounce of strength to not through my laptop at the wall and give up. Thankfully, that didn’t happen.

Beginning with sketches, I knew immediately that i wanted my watch to be simple, yet classy, so I did a lot of research on Pinterest on what I could do. I jotted down a few big name watch companies and knew they were what I could count on for being reliable sources for great designs.

As I was scrolling through Pinterest, I came across a couple watches I wanted to emulate, then I narrowed it down to one. Bam! Rolex. Nothing says classy like Rolex does. I was excited, because it was a watch I really liked, and it had a simple, sophisticated look.

I got to work. Gradients were not my friend at the beginning of this project, and I struggled with it. However, I realized there was so much more you could do to manipulate it in order to fit your needs. Even though my draft was a little on the amateur side, I learned a ton from practicing.

With a lot of help and some serious practice, I ended up with a look I was really proud of and excited to share. One of the early stages of creating the watch was trying to make the Rolex crown logo look as if it was raised. This proved to be difficult, because I was focusing on creating copies of the image rather than simply adding highlights to various points of the object.

Creating the reflections was the next, and probably most difficult, challenge of the whole project. I never knew the power of clipping masks until now! Adding some “s” curves and blurs added the realistic reflections I was looking for.



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