This t-shirt project was definitely something I was looking forward to. It was a little difficult coming up with some ideas, but after sketching and going through some critique sessions, I came up with a design I loved.

I grew up with four brothers, and we absolutely loved the X-Men, so it wasn’t difficult to have my focus be something based on these iconic heroes. My draft is based on the school that Professor Xavier created for mutants in order for them to develop and control their super powers. My idea with this was to create a graduation t-shirt from 1963, because that was the year that the X-Men comic book was created.

I received some critique and was directed to adding a more creative twist to what I had going. Wolverine is an icon X-Men character, and is known for his hard-headedness and aggressive attitude. I created a silhouette of his mask, in addition to his claws, and combined them with the phrase, “Come at me Bub”. This phrase is based off of the recently popular phrase “Come at me Bro” which is extending a challenge to bring it on. I replaced “Bro” with “Bub” because Wolverine would often refer to his enemies as “Bub” in the cartoons. By doing this, I was able to bridge an X-Men character with a popular phrase of our time and it turned out to have a more creative and original twist to the design.



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Drew Mecham is Currently studying at BYU-Idaho for a bachelor's degree in Communications and plans to further his education by moving on to a master's program in human resources and business.
As part of earning his degree at BYU-I he is taking a module in Visual Communications and has gained experience in Adobe programs (Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator) and looks forward to strengthening his abilities in them.

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