I’ve been looking forward to this project for quite some time now. What I set out to do was design and print a set of at least three stickers that would look like they belonged together (design, theme, etc.).
In the sketching process, there were a lot of ideas I had flowing through my brain. One idea would evolve into another, and then another. By the time I finished sketching, there were 25+ images that had almost nothing in common. However, after milling it over for a day, I came up with a plan that I got excited about.

I’m a big of action-packed movies, and most–if not all–of them have guns involved. I thought it would be creative and challenging to make three stickers that would emulate a character from any given action film, with a similar style and pose, while still maintaining individuality. I put my ideas down through illustrator and came up with a basc draft.

There weren’t enough unique characteristics to make them their own person. Having that thought in mind, as well as receiving very helpful feedback, I worked hard in order to get a look that I was excited about. One of the most difficult challenges was creating the firearms. Something that my professor recommended was to make them out of objects instead of lines. This was difficult to do, but after applying that skill to my images, especially on the last two, it gave me the look I was searching for.



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Drew Mecham is Currently studying at BYU-Idaho for a bachelor's degree in Communications and plans to further his education by moving on to a master's program in human resources and business.
As part of earning his degree at BYU-I he is taking a module in Visual Communications and has gained experience in Adobe programs (Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator) and looks forward to strengthening his abilities in them.

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