Creating a gig poster tor Echo of Night was a great experience and one that I learned a lot from. The challenge was creating a poster that would reflect that of a metal rock band. I’m not one that listens to this type of music, so it was difficult. After a little research, however, I was able to find a design I wanted.

After working through my sketches, I put down an idea for my draft. I was going for a fiery inferno of rock and roll, but I soon realized how complicated this was going to be. So I did some more digging on other options for metal rock bands and was able to head a different direction with research on gig posters.

I ended with this design based on others I had seen. This is a geometric style with simple objects that would emulate the genre of music I was targeting (electric guitars, chains, guns). 



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Drew Mecham is Currently studying at BYU-Idaho for a bachelor's degree in Communications and plans to further his education by moving on to a master's program in human resources and business.
As part of earning his degree at BYU-I he is taking a module in Visual Communications and has gained experience in Adobe programs (Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator) and looks forward to strengthening his abilities in them.

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