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My objective was to make a poster that portrayed who the artist really is and to add a fun spin to it. This project was very fun for me. It really made me stretch myself and learn my artistic process

In the very begging I wanted to draw a man from behind in front of a large crowd. The crowd would be on their phones snap chatting and not really enjoying the concert and the artist would be playing his soul out to the crowd but he would be surrounded by his demons. I stopped doing it because it was becoming to complicated and was getting way to muddy. I think my initial idea would be confusing to the viewer


Next, I want to have robots performing in front of a crowd with no emotion and that the crowd would be full of sheep going crazy bobbing their head in sync. On the side would be a business man counting his money happy that people are all following what’s cool. I stop doing that because I did not like the perception I was drawing and was thinking I need to think simple and powerful. Something that can catch peoples eye. One that came to my mind was the Nora Jones. I loved the color and what they did and that inspired me so I decided to do something similar but with my twist.

I found a Charlie brown character that I thought that was under rated and was cool and took his body position and made it look he was dancing his pain away but is getting surrounded by his demons and fears. As if they are going to eat him alive and destroy him.

Drawing this was so much fun, it was very relaxing and rejuvenating. I used those drawings of darkness in this because as of right now those are my favorite things to draw in the moment and now I have a reason to draw them.

This came from a very personal place in my heart. I have friends that sufferer from depression and their demons. And mental health in the black community is looked as weak and not real but I want people to know that is can happen to any of us and we need to address it. That it ok to have these monsters attack us but we just have to conquer them.


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