Creative Professional Icons

I created these icons so that any creative professional could use them in a portfolio site. They could be used to divide sections of different types of art.







The sketches held a wide range of artistic tools. I just started drawing out anything that reminded me of art. I also wrote out a list of any artistic tool that I could think of. This first sketch was basically a broad search of any kind of icon that reflected professional  Some of them were for typography, which I found out later that was beyond the scope of this project. After my original sketches, I created more detailed sketches in order to have a deeper idea of the icons that I wanted to do.






Digital Comp

I started out with the idea that each of the icons should be white. This was to allow anyone who has a website or portfolio to be able to use them, even with any kind of color scheme. I also had a wide variety of icon types that ranged from websites to general work icons. These were very basic and they didn’t reflect the detail that I was wanting in the icons. Also, some of them were too similar to other icons that already exist.¬†

Digital Comp 2

On the second go around I added more detail to these two icons. I began to see what I wanted to do for the rest of the icons. I changed my direction here and started to create icons that were specifically art tools with detail.







I love to create beautiful interactions that help people enjoy their lives.

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