This project I worked on is my first time to use Illustration to make a photo-realistic vector graphic. It was very useful time to learn how to use Gradients effectively.

  1. Choose watch/clock

I had to research different kinds of clock or watch. I really liked the color and the simplicity of the clock.

2. Sketches

I started to sketch little details of clock. I broke it down to pieces and tried to catch lighting and shading. 

3. Draft

This is my first draft. I haven’t figure out highlights and shading enough. I was able to learn how to make bow tie shape highlights on the face of the clock. I used shape tool and blur to look like this. I still had to make shades naturally blended with a clock.

4. Final Clock

This is my final clock. I added a brand name, Karlsson. I made shading a little bit lighter so it blends well with the face of the watch. I added more shading and highlights to the hands of a clock.

It’s true that you learn something when you are out of comfort zone. A new challenge is what makes you stronger.



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