CONRAD | Vector Paths

If this was a perfect world, I would design gig posters over and over and over again. I absolutely loved the process of trying to decide how the bands sound would translate into images.

This concept was not my first one. That tends to be my process. I have to work out the cliche idea, in this case lightbulbs hanging from the ceiling, to get to the better one. To me, Conrad’s music creates the feeling of escape. Of taking a break and relaxing. I orginally had the idea of a smoke break. Taking a moment to escape from a harsh reality.

My draft started very simple. I wanted to focus on the hands. I wanted the hands to be expressive and show movement. But I felt it was lacking context. I added an outdoor scene but I felt too cluttered.

My final poster was simplified and I tried to focus more on the comfort of the location.

This design helped the hands become the focal point of the design. The lamp and the couch don’t distract to badly with the minimal details and the  opacity. Overall I am proud of how this project turned out.



Student at Brigham Young Univeristy - Idaho
Kaitlin McKenna is a Junior at Brigham Young University-Idaho. She is majoring in Visual Communications, specializing in Journalism, with a minor in Photography. She hopes to work with non-profit organizations.

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