At the beginning of the semester I created my icon set with the idea that they would become stickers. So when the sticker project came, I thought I would do something based off the Star Wars. The more I began to think of this, the more I realized, it may be too similar to my icon set: 

So I decided that I should do something else that I love. I thought about it for a moment, and I realized that the other thing that consumes my life is video and film-making. So I began to sketch ideas.  My first sketch was something I knew I would end up creating: A clapper-board. Or… a slate. Sticks. Audio Visual Sync Board. Time thingy. That object the guy holds in front of the camera and shots, “marker!” before clapping. Yeah, we’ll just go with clapperboard. 

After sketching these ideas, I realized I had a lot of good things to work with. I ended up deciding to do the clapperboard, the popcorn, and the director’s chair. 

I designed the basic look of the clapperboard first. Then I began to work on the popcorn box, and I did a quick draft of the director’s chair. 

The popcorn box was designed copying red and white stripes and creating a clipping mask in the shape of the popcorn box. I wanted the red to be on the edge, but you can see it looks very strange because the bottom edge is red, and the top edge is white. It looks very strange where it meets the left side of the box. 

Next I added some popcorn and some color onto the clapperboard. It is important to note that this clapperboard is based on the white dry erase board style of clapperboard. 

I created the popcorn using a similar method to how I created the leaves for my gig poster. That is, I created a few of them, and then copied them, rotated them, and changed the coloring–wash, rinse, dry, repeat. 

When Brother Kerr critiqued my draft, I was grateful that he showed the class how better to design the popcorn box. It seems I was over-complicating the procedure. He simply created the red and white lines (similarly to how I did) and then he used the free transform tool to change the shape of the red and white rectangle into a pop-corn box. He copied the layer, just as I had, but then he again used the free transform to add perspective to it. I followed this idea and came up with: 

I had to add a lot more popcorn, but the popcorn design looks far better now. You can see at this point I scrapped the chair and went with the film reel from my original sketches. I also added text to the clapperboard. I thought about using the blob brush tool to add some handwritten number on the sticker, but I thought: If anyone want to add their own numbers to the stick, just like you might to the white board, me adding my own numbers will take away from that experience. 

At this point I almost forgot one of Brother Kerr’s suggestions. It’s a little thing that you might not notice, other than my mentioning it here and now. I moved the clapper part a little higher so that it has room at the hinge: 

I also added the cut-lines around the stickers. 

I also tried adding a stroke to the shapes, but I did not like it as much:


Here is what my Adobe Illustrator screen looked like:


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