Childhood Summer Backdrops | Vector Paths

This project’s drafting process was fun for me. I truly enjoyed the creative process of refining my general idea for a “nature” theme into details that began representing my desire to portray outdoors-y sentiments. This theme was personally fulfilling in a way because it reminds me of my “roots” and where I come from. The beautiful forests, lakes, rivers and valleys of south-western Oregon -and even the coastline- back-dropped many of my childhood/adolescent memories, including with family and friends. All around, I have a special place in my heart for the beauty of that land. Representing it was fun. 

My aims included 1)finishing the project 2) designing stickers I would not be too ashamed to share with others 3) tap into my creative and fun side to enjoy the project and branch out more than I have been with the Illustrator tools. I believe I achieved all three, in some way or another. I finished the project. I am not too ashamed to share the stickers with others, even though I realize the design is quite simple and I can see ways to improve. Perhaps most important to me on a personal level is the fact that I branched out a little and applied a wood grain texture to some of my text. I especially wanted to explore my options with more creative text in this project. I haven’t altered text much in my previous projects, and I wanted to try some more artistic renditions of text. The little texture I created using a gradient and a “grain” effect from the Effect Gallery was a little challenging, but doable, and I learned. Also, I honestly felt a little brave, and putting myself in situations that require this bravery is part of my purpose for completing these projects. 

Here are some of my sketches, beginning with basic brainstorming and progressing from there.

My initial draft submission was basic, but began to capture the idea I was going for. 

My final includes a wood grain applied to the “Great” letters, and I added oars, dropped the mountains, trees, lakeside, and circle. The file is not well equipped for this post yet, but I will add it later, when I can arrange for a better file format & size, ready for web-viewing. 


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