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My Icons are representative of some of the tools that a drag queen uses. 

I started with some pretty rough sketches. Rough being the key-word. 

I started by creating I felt like I had gotten a lot of really good ideas on the page and had a great starting point, but to figure out which direction I really wanted to go with these Icons, I made a few. And they were even rougher than the sketches. 

Not only Does the icon with the makeup and hair look like she’s having a stroke (pun intended), everything was far too simple and extremely far from what they actually looked like. It was a little too abstract. So I played around with the styling a bit and per Brother Kerr’s advice, I had gotten a bit too far. 

I tried to create a pattern to highlight parts of the shoe. It was supposed to look like rhinestones. I soon learned that it was far too complicated for something that was only supposed to be an icon. So I went more with the style on the left. 

Better…by a bit. 

And then I got here. Which I am very happy with the results. I think my favorite Icon is probably the brush because of the way that the highlight and the shadow play with each other, and the small but meaningful bristle details. 



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