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It’s been a last few difficult weeks for me. If you don’t know, my dad got a job in Utah and we are picking everything up and moving away from North Carolina. I grew up in North Carolina so it’s been hard for me since I’ve made so many memories there. 

For this project, the task was to design a sticker set that explained a message around a series. My sticker set is in ode to my home, North Carolina. To start this project out, I started with a brainstorming list of everything North Carolina. I also decided to ask my friends what they think of when I say North Carolina. While there were so many things about North Carolina that I could do, I knew I had to do two of the most important ones: first in flight and OBX.

OBX and First in Flight: The first sticker in the set that I designed was for OBX. OBX stands for Outer Banks, so if you ever see someone driving around town with an OBX license plate now you know what that stands for. Perhaps the most notable thing about OBX is Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. I decided to make this the focal point of the sticker. When I started out, I started out with a regular circular sticker and the intention was for the lighthouse to “pop out” of the shape. I added some text to also pop out of the sticker, but wasn’t really liking how that was working. I then decided to put a stop on this sticker and move on to the smoky mountains sticker. I then resumed my work on the OBX sticker where I decided to stack OBX and get rid of the circle. I think the sticker works well and totally looks like Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. 

My other coastal sticker is the First in Flight sticker. The first flight only lasted I want to say something like 3 minutes, and wasn’t very long.


My third and most favorite sticker is the Great Smoky Mountains Sticker. There is actually a license plate in North Carolina that you can get and it’s called “Friends of the Smokies.” The tag features a bear’s face and has the colors aqua and green. When I was brainstorming of things I could do for this sticker, I knew I had to incorporate a bear. After using the brush tool to create an outline of a bear, I then create the mountains and the sky of the smokies. I wanted to incorporate text on this guy because without it, it could be a sticker for any mountain! To make the text fit better, I created outlines and started to juggle and jiggle it around, creating this awesome look. 


While they aren’t the best stickers or work I’ve done, It’s been fun to do these sticker sets and I can’t wait to print them! Let me know what you think! 

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Alex Brown

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