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I chose to use three different sugar skull women to make for my stickers. They each represent different chakras. I began my process by sketching out some of my ideas. 

I began the process by solely using sugar skulls. As I continued to create my skulls, I kept thinking of the first one I made for my t-shirt. I wanted to use women to represent the seven different yoga chakras. 

I edited the one I made previously. I made changes I knew I wanted to make. I then planed out which kind of chakras I wanted to work on first. One of my favorites is the heart chakra. The color for the heart chakra is green. I chose to use a teal color to represent the her chakra. 

The designs found on the woman with orange hair associate with the sacral chakra. 

I still want to continue working on these skulls. I know that I want to use more chakra and yoga symbolism on their faces. 

Jocelyn Smith

Jocelyn Smith

Student at Brigham Young University- Idaho
I grew up in Huntington Beach, California. I attend Brigham Young University- Idaho where I am studying Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations.

I am a certified yoga instructor. I love yoga and I love teaching yoga. I have a passion for health and having balance.

I love learning about visual design and I hope to continue to improve in that skill set.
Jocelyn Smith

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