I have to be honest, this project was really interesting for me. Not because what I created was interesting or that the idea of making stickers was interesting…it was interesting because I started out by diving right into it and producing my (basically) final product on the first try. That is something that I have never experienced before and probably never will. This was such a fulfilling project for me and I am so excited to be sharing it with you! Let me take you through the process of how I was able to make these awesome stickers I am sharing with you. 


SKETCHES: Like always, I started out by drafting what I wanted my stickers to be and how I wanted them to look. I had several ideas of things that I thought I would like and that others might like too. I wanted to do something related to Utah (recognizable icons), or cute corgi stickers, or maybe something with plants. I also thought about doing some camera stuff because I like photography and such, but at first I didn’t want to because I thought it would be cliche and I wasn’t sure how I was going to pull it off and make it look awesome. But then, after looking at some reference photos and how each object actually looks, I realized that it would be the perfect thing for me. Here are the sketches I did. The page on the left is what I started out with, and the page on the right it after I knew I wanted to do stuff with cameras. 


DRAFTING: I was so excited about making these camera stickers that I literally spent 6 hours on them in one day. And then another 2 hours on them the second day. I dove into making them so much that I created my (basically) final product on the first try. That has never happened to me and probably never will again but it was such a cool feeling! It was so awesome to spend forever creating something and losing sleep because I wanted to and enjoyed it! Here is what I created for my first draft:

I wasn’t super satisfied with these and I just knew that there was something missing. The colors were blending together too much and I needed the shapes to pop out more. So I added a stroke to each different shape/shade and that changed everything. It was such a simple change, but it made everything so much better and prettier. Here is how I made them look with the stroke:

Pretty awesome right? Well at this point, I wasn’t really sure what to change or what to make better, so I went to my peers and asked for their feedback! Well, I gotta be honest, they were not that helpful. They all thought that this looked so nice that they did not have a lot of helpful feedback to give (though I will never complain that someone liked something I made so much that they had a hard time finding something to critique). Luckily though I did end up receiving some good feedback and I made sure to implement it. 

FINAL PRODUCT: Because I put a lot of work and effort into my draft, I did not have a ton to work on in order to create my final product. All I did was change a few things like: The weight of the stroke (I made it thicker), changed some of the shades on some shapes, and corrected the perspective of the tripod (It was mentioned to me that the perspective was off and there was no way it would be able to stand up with all 3 legs on one side). After I made those changes, I felt confident with how they looked, and went ahead with sending these to the printer! Take a look at my final product!

CONCLUSION: I am so grateful for the opportunities that creating these stickers gave me. I was able to push myself, dive into something like I never had before, and create something that I am really proud of and really excited to share. I think that because of this project, I might continue on this path of sticker making and dive into it even more! Thanks for reading!

Brittany Riboldi

I am a 20-year-old student at BYU-Idaho studying visual communications and advertising. I love photography and creating logos. I spend my free time watching Netflix or taking naps.

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