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Southern California, the home of surfers, burrito lovers, and sunset enthusiasts. I’m blessed to call this place home, and I wanted to share a little bit with you through this project! Below is my process.

You’ll notice in my sketches that everything I sketched is not what I eventually used.

To be completely honest, I was sitting outside this afternoon, and all of the sudden, this thought in my head consisted of a pencil, drawing on a pad of paper. Below is what I created in an hour–it was pretty much a ‘sprint’ activity.

I was thinking of coloring them, but I fell in love with the black and white…why? I have no idea. Really, it was one of ‘those’ decisions. You’ll also notice that I played with some hand lettering as well 🙂

Below is my final product ready for submission.


Rachel Kanahele

In the past 5 years, my path has allowed me to create aesthetic permanence through visual identities for various, thriving businesses and organizations. Key to its success? Experience. I blame my wide-eyed creativity on my upbringing and meticulous creative processes on my expectations.

I'm Rachel. I am a senior studying communication with an emphasis in advertising at Brigham Young University-Idaho. I was born and raised in Southern California, which has naturally shaped my motivation in learning and creating non-generic, creative solutions.

Aside from work and education, I enjoy writing music and performing for large audiences, in which I'm also working on an album that is soon to be released--the excitement is quite real. Orange, Gerber daisies are my favorite, and orange, Thai curry is my palate's weakness. But that's enough about me, let's talk about you!

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