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The right words are, “I love In-N-Out too!”

Have you ever talked to someone who has said the following or similar to the following? “Oh I hate In-N-Out! It’s overrated!” *eye roll* See here’s the thing: If you’re an In-N-Out hater, you’re either 1) Not from California 2) Don’t respect the Californian culture, or 3) A jerk. When people hate on In-N-Out, my respect for that person drops just a little bit…not to a point where I hate them forever, but definitely to a point where I wonder how they’re still alive. I don’t know…on to my process!

My Process:

I. LOVE. IN-N-OUT. The best way to enjoy some good grinds from In-N-Out would have to be cruisin’ along PCH after a busy day at work, leaving a wedding reception early to catch a sunset, or meeting up with friends just to chill and loiter the dining area. When I heard we would be doing icons, I have to admit that In-N-Out didn’t come to my mind until later on when I started to sketch. Now, I’m not the best sketch artist, but I was able to jot down my main ideas for my icons.

After doing some sketching, I started to do some research on the interwebs. My number one goal for this project was to create icons that had never been created before–therefore, In-N-Out was the best solution for my creative craving–get it? 😉

After sketching, I opened up Illustrator and started my first draft–which is provided below:

After receiving feedback from my fellow students and Brother Kerr, I was able to settle with my final set of icons which is provided below:


Where do I start? The biggest challenge that I had was perspective and depth; both of which I struggle greatly with. It took me so long to get the shirt proportioned correctly, and the drinking cups at the correct perspective. It was definitely a challenge and my biggest frustration, but I was able to succeed through the challenges.


It’s all done 🙂

Rachel Kanahele

In the past 5 years, my path has allowed me to create aesthetic permanence through visual identities for various, thriving businesses and organizations. Key to its success? Experience. I blame my wide-eyed creativity on my upbringing and meticulous creative processes on my expectations.

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