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You can never understand the word persevere until you are given a moment where you have to persevere and just keep moving forwards. I definitly was taught a lesson on how to persevere in this project. 

For this project I created a gig poster. It was fun brainstorming names and ideas and I had so many but when if came to the design part I really struggled. To begin I sketched out ideas. I first went with yetis. I thought “a yeti holding a lightning blot? I think yes!” The name was the electrifying yetis. 

I began designing in Illustrator. I wanted to fit the band name into the northern lights and so I created that first. I should have known from the beginning that it was going to be a rough project when it took me 2 hours to try and make the northern lights. The last 20 minutes, I scratched the first Northern lights I made and started again where I happened to figure out how. After that I whipped them out in no time. I the started on my yeti next. I looked at different references and finally came out with the draft below.

I loved the yeti and other did too when I asked for critques but I just wasn’t loving the design. (Plus for the project we weren’t aloud to use gradients so there goes my background and northern lights!) So I began sketching…again.

I thought of the band name “Edge of Tomorrow.” I wanted to create a sun and thought that when tomorrow comes a rooster crows if you live on a farm. So I thought a rooster would be fun to make. I then thought about placing the rooster on a cliff with the sun shining behind it. I then thought what if roosters crowed for the rising moon? 

I then began designing all of my crazy ideas. I made the cliff and my rooster was a blast to make! But I wasn’t feeling it. I made the moon separately and was going to add it to the back but once I designed the moon I wanted to leave it by itself. 

I took the moon and came up with a different name. “Breaking Lunar.” I made the moon and made a smaller one then found a font to fit the style of poster I wanted. I then added a texture to the poster and came out with the image below. 

Here is a mock up. 

It took me so long to finally come up with my final product, but I am glad I got experience creating multiple things. I am glad I could change and adapt to what I was creating. I just let inspiration flow! Who knows! I may use the yeti and the rooster in a different project!

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