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F-80 Salvatore Ferragamo Timepiece

This timepiece main objective is to take make a digital copy of a watch that I really love. The F-80 has many gradients in every shape that help it create a shadow or a highlight. I used many masks and shapes that have Gaussian Blur to create the effect of 3D... read more

Watch project

This project took so much time out of my week. Even though it looks like i’ve done very little, I learned so much. Mostly about how to add shadows, highlights, gradients and textures through the masking tool. read more
Time is Weird

Time is Weird

Concept and Objective With this project, I wanted to put my skills in illustrator to test and create a photo-realistic illustration of a watch.  The concept for this project is that the final watch illustration could be used commercially or as art. I wanted to select... read more

How many watches can one girl make?

We were warned at the beginning of this project that it would be one of our trickier assignments and that was definitely the case for me. Though I was nervous about this project I wanted to challenge myself to create something different from my classmates and... read more
Half Past Italy: Going Places

Half Past Italy: Going Places

Countries on countries on countries. Create a photo realistic watch? Easy task, right? Yeah, not so much… But after approximately 25 hours, one nightmare in my sleep where my gradient layers had gotten mixed up, and a few tears, I’m really proud of what I... read more

Watch Me Draw

My goal for this project was to create a photo-realistic timepiece using Adobe-Illustrator. The timepiece, in this case a wrist-watch, needed to have moving/mechanical parts or a quartz display. Sketching I started with a round watch and drew sketches to focus on the... read more

Fossil Rises From the Deep

  The watch project has been one of the most challenging that I have taken on. I have done my best to make it photo realistic and I missed the point on only a few points that I tried to achieve and was unable to accomplish this with full realism.  The glare of the... read more

Watch Out for The Watch of Trial and Error

My Watch Original watch I had a difficult time with this. My computer had to go and completely make me restart two days before the end, but i managed to get this done due to bucket loads of anxiety and some creative changes. I realize shading and coloring are not... read more

Watch Struggles Turn to Success

My objective was to create an image as realistic as I possibly could. It had to be a wristwatch. So I played with the idea of several different types of watches and I sketched out the faces, the bands, etc to see which one I could work with.  I decided on a very... read more