Creating a t-shirt requires creativity and some fun! This project definitely brought me out of my comfort zone for several reasons. However, I have really enjoyed the process of creating this t-shirt specifically.  


Coming up with an idea for this t-shirt was more challenging than I thought it would be. For this specific project, I had asked friends to gather around a white sheet of paper and write down words that associated with other words. This later then led to more sketches on paper. I really liked the idea of a bunny coming out of hat like a magic trick you would see in a show. I later  thought about other animals and concluded with an owl.

Rough Draft


During the process of my rough draft, I was having trouble with my message with a “Birds Eye View”. My initial concept was having binoculars on the owl but that would also mean I would have to remove the large eyes which was something I didn’t want to do.  I also didn’t feel confident with the choice of font and the overall design of this. I also played with halftones during this process but I decided to use shapes rather than halftones to keep it simple and so I could also place a person inside the binoculars.


After playing with other shapes, such as circles, rectangles and triangles, I felt more confident with the design. I decided to remove the binoculars and replace them with a monocular so I can still have an eye of the owl in the design. In addition, I played with different silhouettes of a person with binoculars using different perspectives. I decided to go forward with this silhouette because the subject is facing towards the right which allows for leading room in the design. I also removed the font from the top to the bottom so people can see the illustration first rather than the text. At last, I added a white rectangle to tie my illustration and text together.

Ariana Cedillo

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