For my icons I really wanted to do the beach.  I grew up in Southern California, and I love the beach.  The first step I did was sketch the actual icons.  During this process I had such a good time.  At one point I tried to stop and change topics to explore other ideas that I had, but while I was trying to think of ideas for a new topic more beach icons popped into my head.  So I ran with it.  

After sketching I did 6 icons and the first 6 I picked were a kite, fish, sand dollar, sun, palm tree, and sunglasses.  I wanted to make them all cohesive in one way so I decided that I would add a wave in the background to each of them so they would all be connected.  

I redid these 6 icons multiple times and wasn’t pleased at all with how they came out.  Aside from the fact that they aren’t good looking they just looked off all of them.  I sat down and started on all of the icons and I decided that I didn’t want to add the wave background.  Ultimately it didn’t make sense and it’s just weird.  I did some of the same icons but changed them significantly.  


In the end I am pleased with how they turned out.  It was a challenging process but I’m happy that I stuck with my original vision for the icons.  


I am currently a BYU-Idaho student majoring in Communications with an emphasis in the visual field.I would love to go into editorial style photography.

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