This is an icon set. These are characters from whom I know to imaginative people. My concept for this project is trying to give diverse faces and personalities. However, I wanted to keep the feelings of Asia because that’s where I’m from (Korea) and that way, I can show the uniqueness of my identity. Objectives are:

  1. Keep all the icons the same feeling–color, lines, unity, balance, shades, etc.
  2. Use geometric shapes–circles.
  3. Make them all different but enough to see that they are icon SET.

Draft Sketches

This is my very first dirty sketch when I was brainstorming what I should do for this project. These are sort of my unique type of drawing when I draw a character. 


Second Draft Sketches

I started with the two characters without simplifying and immediately changed the characters to simple and easy. 


First Draft

I used all the same shapes of face for each icon. Thay way, it gives unity among them and looks organized when all the icons are laid out. At first, I used the same color for every icon (i.e. their noses are all black) but it didn’t look unified and look awkward. So I changed colors of their nose to match with their hair color. I used 5pt thickness lines for every icon to add more consistency.

I gave the same shades on the right side of their face and it creates unity. I paid more attention to the color so it overall matches. They are mostly dusky and dark colors for their hair colors.


Final Icons

I got rid of the shadows because I think it looks fine without it. I guess it will be cool to use shadows when I print them out as stickers. I have learned a lot about consistency and balance. People should be able to find more than two principles of design if that is a good design. It’s always so nice if you have the knowledge of things you are working on. Art should be free and out-of-rule but you can only break the rule when you understand the rule. 



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