It’s hard to beat animals who pilot ships in outer space to save a star system. When I was about 5 years old I loved going to the video rental store. I would always rent out the same video game every time: StarFox for Super Nintendo. This served as the inspiration for this project. This project was unique the fact that it was one of the first things I have created where the final result would be printed, and actually the first thing I have ever done in my life where my work was printed on something different than a piece of paper or stock. 


Sketching for Ideas


I began like anything else, throwing things against the paper to see what I would like the most. I knew for me to become motivated for this project I had to decide on something which I liked, something I would want to talk to someone else about, yet I wanted to do something that maybe not a large audience would be familiar with. This would give my shirt that extra value to me, because I like wearing things that mean something to me, but only a certain audience would understand. I finally was able to nail down something as I thought about my childhood and what fueled my imagination.


Simplicity for the Draft


The game itself features these animals as the main characters, but the art style of their designs are humanoid, each one having arms, legs, and wearing clothes/gear. I wanted to stray away from that and instead portray them based upon their original inspiration: wild animals. I also didn’t want to have any text or anything that would give an obvious reference to what the image portrayed. This made it so only those who are in the “know” would actually get the reference, perhaps after some thinking. That’s the type of connections I would want to make with people. In addition I chose to stick to simple geometric shapes, because I like the look of simplicity.


Redesigned for the Print

After rethinking the print details, I decided that I wanted to go with a dye-sublimation print style, because I liked the look and feel of that style over vinyl. In order to make this actually work though, it meant that I would have to change the color shirt from a dark color to a light colors, which introduced problems for Peppy, the rabbit. To solve this I changed Peppy from a fill to a stroke, essentially, so that he would be the color of the shirt itself. While I did the lose the blackness of “space” look, I am proud of the overall look and design of this. This is something I would feel good about wearing.  

Scott Silva

Scott Silva

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