I spent a lot of time sketching than I did on the computer. But I think this saved me a good 6 – 8 hrs because with the sketch book, I wasn’t concerned with how to do something. I was just drawing. From page 1 to 3, you can see the development process of my ideas. By page 3, I found a style I liked and decided to run with it. 

I decided to do an Australian theme. What convinced me to do it was when Brother Kerr was talking about the ‘essence’ of something. I felt like I could do something Australian because I know a lot about that subject. There are quite a few marine animals – that’s because I love the ocean. I wanted the capture the culture of Australia, which is why I went for a simplified version of Aboriginal art as an influence for the design.

Some things in my sketch book just didn’t work on the screen. This draft is a range of styles I wanted to see work and some of them did not.

The line around the turtle ended up being something I used across the board. I like the consistency it gives the icons. I wanted each item to be unique, capturing the essence of whatever it was I was designing. However, I definitely wanted them to look like they were a part of a set. The process for me was that I kept drawing until I found something that I thought worked. Then I made it work for everything. I only drew about half of them on paper. Once I had six that worked, I sketched only a little bit. Majority of the time was on the computer.

In case people are confused, the middle flag is the Aboriginal flag but set to the theme that I chose.

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