To start I super enjoyed this project. I went in sketching knowing exactly what I wanted to do because since I the watch project I had been thinking about what I wanted to do. The faceless people with snakes. I think snakes are super interesting and they’re heavily inspired by the snakes that Gucci has been doing.

When transferring the idea to illustrator I started with just an outline and slowly added color. Initially I kept the outline on the people and on the snakes black. The scribbles in the snakes at the time were just place holders as I was focusing on the two people. 

after some critiques and meeting with brother Kerr, it was decided to ditch the outlines and adjust the coloring. In the next iteration I had moved the ears in closer and made them bigger and more realistic, I ditched the black outline and added some highlight and shadows. I generally lightened all the grey tones and desaturated the red and green as well. Also the snakes are to have stripes so I had begun working on adding those as well. For the line work I also just cleaned it up and made the lines generally smoother and made the heads of the snakes actually look like snake heads. 

With the typography I wanted something fairly simple because I didn’t want it to distract from the artwork, but it still needed to stand out in one way or another. I chose Balboa Plus Primary for the band name and Balboa Plus Fill for the venue and date.

Here’s the final product. The stripes took 1000% longer too add than I thought they would. I’m pretty content with it.


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India McFadden

Hey my name is India McFadden, and I'm studying to become an art director in advertising.
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