I. The objective of this study was to recreate a realistic time piece. I was given the option to recreate a time piece of my choice whether it was a watch that I owned or one online.

II.  Brainstorming: This was one of the most challenging steps I went through. For days I was not able to find a watch that inspired me and so I began brainstorming on paper. I knew I wanted to create a watch that represented who I was as a designer but also a creative and so I thought about creating a vintage watch.

III. Decisions: After much brainstorming, I continued to search for watches online because I didn’t own any myself. After a few hours I came across the “Bird Repeater” by Jaquet Droz and I was impressed by the amount of the detail on the watch. I continued searching for different angles of the watch and I fell in love with all of them. Now I had two options to choose from regarding the perspective of the watch. I knew regardless of my choices, they both would be a miracle to create.

Here were my options:

At last, I decided to move forward with the right. Although it is very complex, I wanted to invest my time in something that I was visually more attracted to.

VI. Shapes: I first began my draft by outlining my shapes. There are a number of spheres in this design and so I recreated all of shapes as accurately as I could so I can have a solid foundation before coloring. I decided to use different colors to differentiate my layers which was really helpful especially since I was not creating a flat illustration.

V .Coloring: Through this process, I have been learning the importance of shapes. Before adding detail, I would try using the blob tool for all of the shapes. Bad Idea. Later, I discovered how the blob tool is not recognized as a shape in Illustrator and how I needed to wrap around the idea of using shapes. This was the second hardest step in creating this watch. I was stubborn to understand this concept, but once I did, I understood why this concept was so important.


VI. Details: After spending hours on this watch, I considered using a different face for this project. However, I later changed my mind when I thought about how much more I can learn about Adobe Illustrator if I invested more time on this project. I first began with the largest objects on the face and then moved outward. After creating the 2 birds on the face, I was more confident I was able to complete the watch. Each bird took 2 hours to create.


VII. Final: This is my final time-piece for this project. After spending hours adding details and refining my shapes, I finally completed my vector watch.

 “Bird Repeater” by Jaquet Droz                                                                

  “Aribird” by Ariana Cedillo






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