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A Different Look at Pinocchio

Brave, truthful and unselfish by Christopher Lee Composition:  A personal twist on a classic Disney story we all know.  Design: The alignment is clean, the idea is simple, it is perfectly detailed, has... read more

Wishing it was summer.

Can I just start by saying how relieved I am to be done with this? I was so stressed, but everything turned out fine. I was terrified of this project, but once I figured out the basics of After Effects, it all went really smoothly. Also I made sure to pick a design... read more

Slow and simple – the sloth gif

Creating an animated looping gif was by far the most uniquely challenging things I tried this semester. It was challenging to design something with the intention of having it come to life.  I started with many different ideas in sketch. I considered a blinking eye... read more

Not-So-Super Chief

A small train stops at a station in the middle of nowhere, with no people. Just lonely luggage and a calm desert zephyr… Trains have always captured my imagination, so I wanted to portray that with my final vector graphics project. I created all of the visual... read more

Winter’s here, but Summer is coming!

This project was very hard form me, but once I finished, I’ve felt the most accomplished than any other project! I first started with some sketches. I was unsure what I wanted to do when I first started, but I know I wanted to involve a snowman. So I started... read more

Rey… These are your first steps…

I knew from the beginning that I wanted to do something Star Wars themed.   I decided I would do Rey and Kylo Ren fighting. I wanted to have lots of cool elements to my design. I wanted to show them fighting each other on Starkiller Base, with X-Wings and... read more

Hero of Time

The first animation idea that I had was to have Spider-Man swinging across the frame, and I would have a repeating background to show movement. I liked this idea, and still want to do it, but when I was working on the stickers for the last project I made the Master... read more

Ode to Baxter Pud

With Christmas trees and memories running rampant at this time of year, I decided to create an ode to my favorite puddy cat, Baxter Pud.

read more

Leaping Sheep

Spreading the Christmas cheer through an animation can make life more enjoyable. It’s the small things that count. I created this animation to make people smile. It started out as a simple sheep and then grew into a wreath, words, and a border.    ... read more

Royal Guard Tryouts

OBJECTIVE This final project was very rewarding because helped me achieve a personal goal on understanding and working with Adobe After Effects. The purpose of the project was to create a vector-based animation. The only requirements were that it must look good as a... read more

The emotional roller coaster of this monkey

I was excited going into this project, because I had just recently worked in After Effects and I wanted to try something different.  I love puns and wordplay so I thought, maybe I should make a monkey eating a banana!  That was boring by itself. Aha! A Banana split!... read more

The Tooth Fairy

Animation is a whole different ball game when it comes to graphic design. Give me an assignment dealing with Illustrator, and i’ll be just fine! But, crating an animation in After Effects was a challenge.   The Process I started, as usual with sketches. I had a... read more

Island Life

  When I was first working on my animation sketches I originally wanted to stick with either a shooting arrow or something with a beach scene. However I thought of the idea of doing palm trees with falling coconuts with a blurred beach background.   I started my draft... read more

Scared Monster

  via GIPHY My GIF is a monster that is flustered and scared. I thought moving the eyes around in a dizzy like motion would look awesome! I like that both eyes spin at different times and in different directions, I feel like that just ads to scared and flustered... read more

Puppy Love

I’m definitely a dog person and I’ve been wanting to do some kind of dog design for a while now, so I decided to a dog in Illustrator and turn it into an animated gif! I started out with some sketches: There were a few others but these were the best ones... read more

Happy Owl

     My idea for my animation was to have an owl that sings and dances. It sounded like a simple and fun design, but turned out to be a lot more difficult than I thought. My middle image is the first draft of my owl. In critiques my classmates sujested adding texture... read more

The Home Stretch

As I approached the idea of creating an animated gif, I was honestly overwhelmed at first. I wanted to create something simple, easily recognizable, but also interesting. I am an analytical person, so I like having things planned out before I move forward. And having... read more

Christmas Penguin

When I was first introduced to After Effects intimidated was an understatement. I have used Premiere before but animating a vector graphic was all so new to me! I was excited to do this project to not only make something new but also to gain experience with After... read more

“Look Ma, No Head!”

It was fun getting into Adobe After Affects and creating animation. This Project was much harder for me because I was not familiar with Adobe After Affects at all and so when i messed up i couldn’t fix my issue but rather i would have to restart my whole project... read more

Firework Animation

My original plan was to create a castle with fireworks going off in the background with the glow and the lighting effecting on the castle.  Early in the project, i went to visit my professor to get some advice on the project. We came up with an awesome idea, but I... read more

A Devilish Idea

The Bad Idea Disclaimer: I’m not using the title as what I think of my giff, I’m certain plenty of people have thought of it. But for the sake of carrying the joke further, I dubbed it that. Anyway… Kick offs… Making a giff seemed completely... read more