Aloha Vibes | Vector Paths

The process of creating stickers was a long and difficult one (mostly from a creative standpoint), but honestly it’s been a ton of fun.  By far this has been the most fun project I’ve worked on this semester.  I love the feeling of simple designs and lighthearted creative “doodles” as I like to see them.  Here I’m going to go over the process I went through to create the three stickers above.    

Sorry about the pixelation in this image, but I lost the original file.  Here area some of the free drawings I did before I jumped into Illustrator.  This is a significant part of the process, because this is where the concepts of the designs come from.  Take a look and see if you can tell where my stickers came from in these quick sketches.  It’s probably super easy.   

Next thing to do is jump right into Illustrator.  These are my first drafts at some designs.  Really these just get the concepts going and give me an idea of how I’m going to pull these off completely.  Once again sorry for the pixelation.   

Above is a little more refinement as I went for one of the stickers.  You can see I get a bit pickier with the colors and try to add some depth and realism to the designs at this point.  

Finally all of the embellishments I’m ok with adding are put into the designs, along with some creative ideas that come while i’m putting these together.  I’m excited to see the final product printed and stuck on some things. 

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