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So I had the opportunity to design and create a photo realistic watch. 


My process started with sketches. I really analysed the little things about the watch and how it casts shadows and highlights.


I studied the lighting and how light reflects on metal. I decided to do a navy and gold watch because of the contrast that came from the difference in color value between the band and that watch face. 

 On the left is my inspiration or goal. I did not plan on having my watch match the example exactly but rather focusing on making it photo realistic. The right shows my first week draft. I had the basic shapes going and was on the way to the finished product. 

I used Gaussian blurs and gradients to get the realistic looking metal. It took some time to get the colors to match up in the way that I wanted. Here is a view of my Vectors in relation to the finished watch. 


All together I believe that this is a great example of a photo realistic vector watch. From the shadows to the highlights and the gradients, you can see that this is a job well done.  


Kaley Sullivan

Kaley Sullivan

Student at Brigham Young University Idaho
Kaley is a communication major at Brigham Young University Idaho with an emphasis in visual media. She is from Brigham City Utah and loves to travel. Kaley has a passion for creativity, design and photography.
Kaley Sullivan

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