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This project probably was one of my favorites to create! Though it actually took me more time and attention towards coming up with an actual idea for the project, I have to say, this definitely tested my limits and how far I actually wanted to push myself! For this project, we were assigned to create a band poster of our own that incorporated an emotion of our music. Because I am always striving to incorporate black empowerment into most of my projects, I decided to create a band that expresses how I feel most times as a black student on campus. 

Here is the process that I through to create my poster:

Word Lists/ Word Maps

At first I was way too excited to even start off with a sketch that I went right into illustrator and attempted at creating something that I thought would be great! I came to realize that, sketching in illustrator is the worst thing you can do ever! I then proceeded to meet up with my professor and share my ideas and thoughts that I had for the poster and we then created a word list of ideas that I could use. 

First draft

I have to say looking back at my first draft, it sucked big time! I don’t know what I was thinking at the time, but it’s definitely ten times better than it was! But hey, that’s what first drafts are for right?! 

Second draft

As I discussed with my professor on things that I could improve and change, we decided to scratch this idea and come up with something that had a true purpose behind it. I started telling him about how I wanted to incorporate a fist in my poster and he suggested the idea of eyes looking at the fist, which would be symbolizing black empowerment. I then proceed back to illustrator, where I created something that I was pretty impressed with. 

I made a huge mistake of asking my friends what they thought of the poster and as I did I got a completely different response. I got off course for a bit and took another whole turn on my project, but all in all I think it was a great leaning experience for me as a Communications Major to be able to know and distinguish what advice to listen to and what not to listen to. After recreating my poster for about the 5th time this week, I finally settled on a uniting theme and idea for my poster. 


I have to say I’m pretty proud of myself for sticking it out not giving up on my poster! There were times where I just wanted to call it a day and give up, but I learned that as long as we keep pushing through hard things, we will be able to accomplish them. 

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