Air, earth, and water are three elements that we are all very familiar with. My hopes in creating these stickers were that I would be able to show what each of the elements represented. But it wasn’t easy getting to this point!

I started making rubber duckies for my stickers, but it just wasn’t turning out how I wanted it to. I was having more fun making random doodles then actually working on the ducks on my artboards in Illustrator. When I realized that my focus was not on the ducks but rather patterns, I knew I needed to change what I was going to make for the stickers.

I went back to the brainstorming phase, but the only difference was that I did it with some friends. They helped me come up with the idea of making symbols of the elements. I took my inspiration from the symbols from Avatar: The Last Airbender, a childhood favorite show. 

Once I started making the designs of each of the elements, it came naturally. The ideas and the color schemes were flowing as I worked on each individual element. This made making these stickers so much more enjoyable. I was excited to open up Illustrator to work on the stickers because I knew that I could see progress.

I learned that it is okay to scratch your original idea for something that may turn out better. I still have the ducks and the doodles, but as I look back at each of those, they led to the creation of these three stickers.


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