As I was looking through Dribbble to find a vector image to reverse engineer, I stumbled upon a gif that someone had made of the above image which can be found here.  I am a huge fan of the Legend of Zelda series so I had to pick this one. The artwork is done by Matt Anderson whose work can be found here. I really like this design, not just because I am a huge fan, but I find it very appealing as a fan.

The first thing that stood out to me was the overall simplicity that the design has. He is not doing anything overly fancy, he is using different shades of color and size to make the vector appear to have depth. The design doesn’t feel cluttered and it clearly portrays the image it want to portray.

Going a little more in depth with that simplicity that I mentioned, the hair has three different shades of the golden color, the darker gold shows shadow, while the brightest part show light hitting his hair. The hair doesn’t feel flat as a result and he didn’t use anything complicated to portray the depth other then different colors and it works.

Continuing with the theme of simplicity the rock is showing depth not only by the various shades of gray that show the rock is three dimensional, he used slightly later tones of green and yellow for the grass that is behind the rock and put mushrooms and flowers in various positions around the rock showing that it is protruding through the ground. Also if you look at Link’s boots, the bottom of the shoes are cut off showing that Link is standing a little closer to the center of the rock and not quite on the edge.

Overall I think that this vector was well designed and shows that you can accomplish a lot by being more simple with your rules of design.

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