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When making my icon set, I was wanting to create something that has meaning to me. I wanted to design some icons that I would be familiar with, but also something I might have to do some research on. I found that the military really inspired me a lot, because of the respect that I have for what they do in their every day life. This is important for picking icons because when we are choosing our icons we need to have passion behind it.

I started with sketching. I went online to find the pictures of soldiers that I wanted to create as an icon, and found that there were so many different kinds. Different eras, different countries, different branches of military. I started to sketch out some different camo patterns, and that let me to get into some different styles of uniforms. I then started sketching different military badges and honors because I felt like that would be cool to put on the uniforms.

 These were my drafts after the first week. I focused on the camo patterns, and making them look unique and also true to the colors. I wanted them to remain unified, but also separated by different aspects of the uniform. This was important to me. I wanted the stress to be on the uniforms, so that is where I spent most of my time in the design process.

These were the design critics that I received from my drafts. I liked that I was torn apart a little bit, because it humbled me but it also gave me a fresh pair of eyes that were looking on my items. I was able to see the things that I needed to improve on, and also the things that I needed to refine. I went to work and started fixing the flaws first, then once I believed that I had completed the refinements I went to work designing the other uniforms and icons. This is what I came up with at the end of my process!




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