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Composition and Craftmanship

The composition is asymmetrical but very balanced. There is a line that goes down Elsa’s face, changing the color from blue to white. On either side of Elsa, there are mountains and trees that are not symmetrical but help balance the composition out. You will notice that on the side that Elsa’s braid lays over her shoulder, there aren’t any mountains. The braid and the mountains on the other side balance each other out.


This is a triadic color scheme: blue/green, yellow/orange, and red/purple. The purple color is used as the background and a foreground color. The blue is a midground. The orange is only in the foreground, which draws extra attention to it and adds high contrast. You will also notice that there are 2-3 shades of each color, but they are all the same hue.


There is a lot of repetition in this design. The snowflake behind Elsa has a lot of repeating elements. The snow effect over the whole poster pulls it together. There is also alignment from the text to Kristoff’s shoe. The white on Elsa’s face lines up with the purple background.

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