At the beginning of my process, or even before, I thought of an iconic period that would could be recognizable from a mile away. The 80’s generation and bright colors popped up in my idea. Some ideas that came into my head ended up on a sketch pad including; a Rubiks cube, Pac Man, and a Converse shoe.



My drafting period included having to design a shoe, glasses, and a mixtape for the first time. I played with the shapes to fit the proportions and different colors.

I saw how having the same color scheme on each individual sticker could pull each of them together. 

The stickers above have taught me a lot about myself and my design career. A couple years ago I would open up Adobe Illustrator, and not know how to work a single button. Now, I am able to work the shortcuts and create any design I want. It’s incredible and I have a long way to go.

Now, I have a blast from the past to stick anywhere.



full time student - Visual Communication at Brigham Young University Idaho
Hello and welcome to my world of creativity. I am full time student learning Visual Communications at Brigham Young University Idaho. Other than doodling I enjoy trying new things, spending time with family, and dancing.

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