What could persuade me to put a sticker on one of my possessions? Realistically, probably nothing on this green earth, but the closest thing would probably be nostalgic 90s items. If you forget about the horrific clothing, the 90s turned out some pretty amazing stuff. For this project my objective was to create three stickers that belong together as a set. My initial brainstorming consisted of taking a trip down memory lane to my childhood and particularly, elementary school. This was the inspiration for my sketching. I tried to sketch as many things that I could remember. 

90s sketches

After sketching, I chose three items that go together well. I probably spent most of my elementary education writing notes and folding them in fancy ways, and Chupa Chups and push led pencils were my favorite note writing accessories. 

90s Draft 1 90s Draft 2

These were my drafts. The folded note came together really well, and I was happy with how it looked. I received some feedback on the positioning of the pencils and to make sure to curve everything in the same direction for a cylinder effect. The sucker was definitely the hardest part of this process. The two colors made is very difficult to work with. My shadows from my drafts were weird. I received feedback on how to make the ridge on the sucker look more natural. I worked with it forever, but I felt like I just made it look worse. I ended up removing the weird shadows and going back to my original design. I did separate the items so they did not look awkwardly stacked. There is a lot of white in the graphics, so I also decided to go with a darker background to add more contrast.

90s Collection

 There are hundreds of ways to capture the 90s, but these are a few of the items that were the most memorable for me. 




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