I decided to look on Pinterest to look at different borders of stickers to see how I could outline mine more attractively. I really loved this sticker design. It caught my eye, partly because it’s mainly blue, but also because the border was different from other borders I’d seen before. 

What really attracted my eye was how the pattern was on the inside of the wave, which helped portray the waves’ movement. I loved that the smooth side of the wave is a solid blue. It helps bring the image together. 

I also loved how the image has a circle around it to make the illusion that it continues past the circle. I also like the “hand-drawn” effect that it all has. But finally, I really appreciated that it wasn’t just a circle with random waves, but it was completed with a final border.

The words really complete this piece. I know the quote has to do with the image, but not looking at the phrase itself, but just the way it’s designed with dots, makes the border a different, bumpy and uncommon border. But that’s what I like, it’s not smooth, just like the image itself, but it still comes together.

I want to be unique in my designs and still match the sticker style all together. This helped me see that I can still achieve that goal. 



Jamie Garrard graduated from LDS Business College in December 2015 with an Associates in Social Media Marketing. She then started school at BYU-Idaho and is a Communication major, focusing on Visual Media. She loves photography especially when she can take photos of babies! She married her high school sweetheart in 2016. Jamie plans on graduating in July of 2018.

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