My objectives for this timepiece project developed with some learning experiences. I realized that contrast was going to be a key element of this piece, os my objectives were to create piece that showed powerful shadows and lighting through contrast, was symmetrical, and that appeared photo realistic. 









Sketching was more difficult for me in this project because I was not ideating designs, but copying from the picture. This proved beneficial because it helped me identify where to put the shadows and highlights.







The vector came along with a lot of trial and error. I learned how to use gradients, gaussian blur, textures, and clipping masks. I feel that my proficiency grew dramatically through this project. The critiques in the class helped me to adjust a few of my lighting details. I lightened the depressions in the outer ring of the watch. The hands and numbers followed. Then I worked on the band, using the tutorial videos to make gloss and metallic illusions. 








I believe that my objectives were accomplished in the finished vector. The lighting shows depth, texture, and realism. The vector seems symetrically accurate and realistic. The final vector is piece of creative work that I am proud of. 

-Shane Clements

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