For this vector watch project, I decided to recreate a fossil watch I found online that had silver straps and case as well as a turquoise face. This project took a lot of trial and error for me to portray on to illustrator the shapes, shadows, highlights and mid-tones that I show on the photo. At first I felt like I couldn’t do it but seeing the outcome is very rewarding. 

Here are my sketches I made as well as my first draft. At first I was thinking of combining three different watches into one but that made creating shadows and highlights difficult.

Here are the photos I used of the original watch

From the first draft to the final product, it has come a long way. This project took a long time for me to complete because it took me awhile to understand the concept of gradients, learn to find a balance between using colors and transparencies and that not all shadows and highlights need to be a gradient. 

And here is the final result. I am very surprised with myself that I was able to create a photo realistic vector. 


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